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Serious mass gainer is a one of the best weight gaining supplement in India, it is used to increase the body weight and improve muscle strength. Optimum nutrition is a top brand in bodybuilding industry and one of the top products of ON brand is serious mass.Giving a good read to this blog is really gonna help you to Buy the Best mass gainer supplement in India. Here you will get to know the idea about one of the best mass gainer. Serious mass gainer is one of the most demanding mass gainer in the world. This mass gainer is popular among beginners as well as those who are struggling to gain weight and want to improve the muscles size.I would not simply project my opinion to you without giving considerable facts, So before I tell why serious mass is the best mass gainer for bodybuilding and muscle gain, let me tell you what ingredients it includes. There are several elements which are essential for the growth of muscles but the two important elements that plays a vital role in mass gain is adequate amount of calorie and proteins. Where calories are units of energy, contained within food, and used by the human body to maintain daily health and life. Calories are associated with energy that is contained in protein, carbohydrates and fat. And the protein is an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. Protein is used by our body to repair and recovery of muscle tissues. You also use protein to make hormones, enzymes and other body chemicals. So, by default  mass gainer will be best for bodybuilding which is good in these two. The other essential nutritions are amino, glutamine, and minerals. Amino and glutamine work as an escalating agent of muscle building. It supports during workout and strengthen your physical imbalance for an endurance workout.Serious mass gainer includes all of these elements in a rich amount that accelerate the growth of muscles and support weight gain. One buys serious mass for the high-intensity workout and rapid growth in body weight.  Serious mass gainer is available in many flavors and sizes. The one in high demand is serious Mass gainer 12 lb Chocolate. Each serving of serious mass contains the 1250 calorie, 50g of blended protein along with the rich amount of amino and glutamine. These are the ingredients which are responsible for muscle growth and weight gain. When we do workout, ATP utilized by the body in the form of energy and energy helps us to perform the high-intensity workout. For the faster and required amount of ATP production, rate of protein synthesis must be higher than utilization, otherwise, we may feel exhausted and it would be difficult to elongate the workout session. So the point is protein is not only helpful for the muscle growth but also support you in overall body functioning. It has ability to maintain the metabolism system as well as immune system. Serious mass bodybuilding supplement is an excellent choice if you are looking for the similar products and results. This supplement is specially crafted to maintain the overall functioning of the body along with growth in body weight.Like glutamine boost metabolism and provide strength to perform hardcore workout and amino helps in rapid recovery. Calorie aids muscle mass and protein increase strength and stamina and protein enhance muscle growth.  Regular use of serious mass gainer provides several benefits apart from weight gaining. So, buy serious mass now and shape the physique of your choice. Best serious mass gainer available here at an affordable price. ...