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If you are a beginner, you need to take every step with good expertise. Because your bodies muscle building blocks need to be built in the right manner or the results can cause you unease. Some of the side effects could be muscle cramps, muscle pain, and even muscle injury.When you are new to the strength training world, the world in which people become obsessed with gym machines, dumbbells, and barbells, you need a proper way to begin. In this article, we will talk about strength training workouts for beginners.Gym enthusiasts know the benefits of strength training over cardio workout. Without any doubt, cardio has a lot of benefits but strength training is always ahead of those. Unlike cardio and aesthetics, strength training does not have a limited set of exercises, anything that causes resistance to our body is considered in strength training.Strength training is important because of a lot of reasons such as it strengthens the bones, increase the endurance of muscles and, consumes a lot of calories and yes, builds muscle. we are going to discuss someimportant tips/ points that definitely helps during your strength training routine if you are a beginner.Your body weight is enough for you to start with. The main aim of strength training is to cause a resistance for your body so that the muscles get to work. This could be achieved by your own body weight. Even when we want to directly jump to the heavy lifting on our starting days, we should start with our own body weight.Exercises like push ups pull ups and dips could provide good results at the start. Irrespective of what exercise you do at the beginner level, keep in mind to challenge your body, that’s all....