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We present to you the top 20 reasons why the gym is better than running. Be that as it may, In all actuality, both heading off to the gym and running are extraordinary approaches to get fit as a fiddle, get thinner, build muscles. Be that as it may, there are sure things that simply improve the gym than hitting the streets or parks. But don't stop running, yet consider joining a gym too. You can keep running there as well, and the gym can really improve a sprinter or runner in you.1. The rec center gives you access to fitness coaches Working out with a fitness coach is an incredible approach to ensure that you're performing fitness exercises with an appropriate time frame, not just so you get the most out of them, however, so you anticipate possibly sidelining wounds, says mentor Allyson Signaigo. "Most gyms offer an introduction or the like to kick you off with a basic workout program." Plus, regardless of the possibility that you work with a trainer or not, there are constantly people in the gym who might be cheerful to answer any "Am I doing this right?" inquiries. 2. The gym is always open, no matter what. Without a doubt, you might keep running in the rain, yet most folks don't. With the gym, you can't blame terrible climate as a reason to avoid your exercise. 3. The gym weight training and exercise burns fat like madMinute every moment, weight preparing sheds stomach fat better than cardio does, as per examine from the Harvard School of Public Health. That is on the grounds that, while cardio consumes both fat and muscle, strength training consumes calories from fat only, while in the meantime assembling digestion-boosting muscle that causes consumption of calories long after your exercise. 4. The gym doesn't care if it's cold or hot outsideWithout a doubt, when it's beneath frosty or over 100°, working out inside feels extraordinary. In any case, adhering to indoor air temps can likewise counteract frostbite and tight muscles that prompt damage (when it's frosty out), and warm stroke can lead to dehydration or sunburns if it is too hot outside. Additionally, gym atmosphere is likewise sifted to keep auto exhaust and different toxins from obstructing your windpipes, says Erik Moen, P.T., originator of Corpore Sano Physical Therapy in Washington. Better air implies better exercises. ...