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What is strength training? Strength training is a type of  Physical workout specializing the use of resistance to set off muscular contraction which builds the power, anaerobic persistence, and size of skeletal muscle mass. Strength training can provide many functional benefits and improvement for overall healthy lifestyle.Strength training increases muscle strength with the aid of making your muscles work in opposition to a weight or pressure. Varieties of Strength training consists of free weights, weight machines, resistance bands and your personal frame weight.Strength training has improved the way of life of the people with Arthritis, Osteoporosis,Parkinson’s Disease,Down Syndrome,Lymphedema,fibromyalgia,who have recently had a stroke,have had a spinal cord injury,cancer survivors and clinical depression. Challenging your muscle groups with  strength training  exercises everyday is all that is needed to enhance the strength and tone of your muscles – in addition, to gaining several long-time period fitness advantages to your muscle mass, bones, and trendy metabolism. But like several types of workout, you need to adopt it on a regular schedule....