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Bodybuilding has become the profession nowadays and  many people are doing it now as their passion and some for their job. In today's running world where people did not get enough time to focus on their diet. As following a proper diet plan is kind of difficult and hard for a person to follow it during their busy schedule. For those people who do not have enough time to focus on their diet plan as in bodybuilding diet plan plays a vital role. They can have some supplements which are natural and are easily available nowadays. There are several supplements for getting different body types. For people who are seeking for gaining weight, people who are seeking for loosing weights and for people who want quality muscle with a lean body. For all these people there are several companies which are selling supplements which will do the work for them.And will definitely save their time as well as money in some case. Else supplements are although natural but are expensive than a natural diet which one can easily follow if he/she has proper time and dedication to follow it. Now some of the famous companies and sellers on which you can easily rely on are1. Muscle Blaze2. Muscle Tech3. ON4. BPI5. SSN6. Arnold7. Ultimate Nutrition8. Muscle PharmThese are some of the famous sellers which have a reputed image as well as their products are made from natural ingredients. No additional color is added to these products and they will not harm your body. Now I'll give you the top list of supplements which I feel are the best for a person if he/she can rely on supplements.There are several supplements for different purposes. So I'll give you the mixed list of the supplements which can help you in gaining weights as well as loosing weights and building muscles with quality. In this list, there will be some recovery supplements as well as some pre-workout supplements. So starting from Indian brand Which is1. MuscleBlaze Whey GoldThis muscle blaze supplement is a proper whey protein powder and will give you around 25g of protein in each serving of around 30g of a scoop. This supplement has a great variety of flavors such as mocha cappuccino and rich milk chocolate.2. Ultimate Nutrition Prostar 100% Whey ProteinThis whey protein supplement is basically for building lean muscles. This supplement contains around 28g of protein in one scoop of around 30g. This protein comes with a vast variety of flavor such as banana, chocolate creme, chocolate mint, cocoa mocha, cookies and cream, strawberry, vanilla. For those who are looking for quality muscles with a lean body, this is the perfect supplement for those.3. MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer PRO with CreapureIf you are looking for complete gaining then this is the right supplement for you and coming with a chocolate flavor is its best thing. This gainer comes with purest and safest creatine which will also provide you energy through out the day. This supplement is enriched with different 27 vitamins which are necessary for everyone. It also contains Betaine which is an amino acid which helps you to perform well during your workout session.4. MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer XXLThis muscle blaze supplement comes with a great variation in quantity. Also contains some great flavors such as cafe mocha, chocolate, vanilla.This supplement is a great product as it gives you around 60g protein and around 177g complex carbs on the basis of three serving which you will take through out the day. So basically you will be having these proteins and carbs on a daily basis which is very impressive. It contains chocolate aids which will help in enhancing and relieving you body fatigue.5. MuscleBlaze CreaPRO Creatine with CreapureThis muscleblaze supplement basically contains creatine and will help you muscle to regain or rebuild. This supplement does not come with any flavor. This supplement contains 99.99% creatine and nothing else. For those who do an intense workout in the gym, this supplement is perfect for them.6. Myprotein Creatine MonohydrateThis protein creatine is for people who play power based sport and this supplement will also help you to increase your strength. This supplement comes with a vast variety of flavors such as berry blast, blue raspberry, raspberry lemonade, sour apple etc.7. Cellucor C4 Explosive Pre workoutThis cellular supplement will help you to give extra energy that your body will be needed during the workout. This supplement needs to be taken 20 mins before your workout session. This protein comes with two great flavors such asfruit punch and icy blue razz. This supplement contains creatine and nitrate. Creatine is for strength and nitrate is for a pump.8. MusclePharm BCAA 3:1:2This muscle pharm BCAA can be taken during or after your workout. This supplement comes with a two great flavor such as blue raspberry and watermelon. This supplement will help you to build stronger muscles and this supplement promotes muscle recovery and can be taken as a post workout.9. MuscleBlaze BCAA ProThis muscleblaze BCAA is basically an intra workout supplement and you can also take it as a post-workout drink. This supplement Comes with a great two flavor such as pineapple and watermelon. This supplement holds a 7g of BCAA per serving and promotes muscle recovery as well as will give you strength during your workout.10. ON (Optimum Nutrition) BCAAThis ON BCAA is also an intra workout supplement and can also be taken after your workout. This supplement comes in a form of capsules, not in powder, This supplement has a variety in quantity such as 400 capsules, 600 capsules. This supplement will provide a perfect balance of amino and BCAA. This is also an aid of protein synthesis....