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We can choose from many programs available on the internet or from the knowledge of fitness experts. Everybody has their own preference of workout plan and everyone's body suits different plan.But according to me, a best strength training program is that which focuses on almost all the muscle areas---- arms, abs, chest, and legs.It becomes very difficult for many people to find out which program is best for their body and which program suits them best. Best way to find out, is to keep a change in programs every week and when you find out your best-suited plan, stick to it for a while and then after a few months, skip to another. The main reason behind this is if we stick to a single workout routine than our body gets accustomed to it and the results then get slow.Change is the key to any exercise routine irrespective of your role, may it be weight loss, muscle building or strength training.According to me the best strength training routine for a week is given below :Monday...