Types Of Strength Training

In this article, we will go through some of the types and applications of strength training exercise routines. Strength training means doing a workout with the aim of increase complete body strength. 
Let's start with different strength training routines. 

1. Strength training workouts for beginners

Strength training is for everybody, you just need a goal and will to increase your strength. When you are a beginner, you need to keep few things in mind. First of all, you should not push your body too much because you don't know your body's limits. Although beginner stage is the stage when you have the best outcomes in a short period of time. You should always do exercise with an expert to guide you at every step, strength training is all about heavy weights and if correct form is not maintained, you will suffer from multiple injuries and discomforts.

2. Strength training workouts for weight loss

The best-known benefits of strength training are – muscle building, weight loss, and increased strength. Here we will talk about strength training for weight loss. When we do any exercise or training with our body, calories are burnt and hence weight is lost. Similarly while doing strength training exercises, eventually weight loss happens. We just have to make small changes in our diet and workout procedure for this to happen. When a professional bodybuilder does strength training exercise then he/she aims for muscle build up and for that they take certain supplements and muscle buildup diets. But for the person that wants to lose weight, they have to take less calories and burn more calories.Going to the gym for building body will mostly make you gain muscle, but strength training is a complete package of the three things that we discussed before, that is, Weight loss, muscle gain and strength increasing. We do not have to modify our exercises specifically weight loss, it just loses while following our basic strength training
Strength training has different benefits for men and women
For men, Its helps you to

  • Burn fat and increase your metabolism
  • testosterone levels are boosted
  • Increase strength
  • Muscle build up

For women, the benefits are

  • Thighs, stomach and overall toning and tightening
  • gives you a leaner body, without making you big (muscular)
  • Provides energy

Strength training means gym training or exercises with the goal of increase in body strength. This could be achieved by pushing our body constantly and working on the big muscles of our body. Strength training improves our everyday working capability and affects our lifestyle. Also, it can help you lose a good amount of weight.
There is a confusion among a lot of people about what is the difference between strength training and regular body building. Both use weight lifting, for both you have to go to the gym and for both, you use the same machines. The answer is simple. Bodybuilding is what when you lift weights with the goal of a good and muscular body, and strength training means weight lifting with the aim of increasing body strength. Many people have a very good looking body and they are regular to the gym, but they are don't havea ny strength or muscle. What I mean is, they do not have that much strength in their body. On the other hand, many people don't have sharp cut muscles but they are filled with powers. The reason behind this is the way they train. Having strength always has its advantages. Now let us discuss the correct and easy procedure for strength training for weight loss :

  • Keep your exercises simple
  • heavy weight and intermediate count of repetitions
  • Minimal rest
  • Track your progress
  • Keep your exercises simple

3. Advanced strength training program

Now the first question that comes up is that, whether the advanced power training program is for everybody? 
No, its not. Different bodies and built needs different type of workout. There are a million types of physiques and accordingly a million types of programs for them. But according to my opinion, this program will be suitable for most of the people. Whether you are professional sportsman, a gym enthusiast of just a person who wants to be fit, everybody can be benefitted with this program. But you need to keep in mind that this program is not meant for beginners as this program needs knowledge about your body's capabilities and limitations,which can only be known with experience.

4. Strength training workouts at home

1. This is a very important topic which everyone is confused about. Most of the people think that muscle gain exercises or strength training exercises could only be done at a fitness center or at gym. That's not true, Strength training is being done for a lot of decades or even centuries in the past. At that time there were very little or no gyms to go to and build muscles and do strength training exercises. Although there is no doubt that machines that are used in the gym have a quick effect and they have the ability to target specific muscles, when it comes to strength, Gym is not necessary. We can use our own body weight to achieve the strength training goal and also some set of dumbells could be kept at home.Now first we need to understand how our body strength is trained or increased.

Whenever our body is challenged or when we try to push the limits of our body, Strength training is done. Our body strength have no limits to be reached, we just have to constantly train our body and new goals will be achieved after a couple of months. Though our body strength changes very slowly, there is no specific need to go to the gym for this purpose.

These all are certain type of strength training routines, choose anyone according to your goal and requirements. Although, strength training exercises could be done by anyone. 

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