Strength training workout for beginners

If you are a beginner, you need to take every step with good expertise. Because your bodies muscle building blocks need to be built in the right manner or the results can cause you unease. Some of the side effects could be muscle cramps, muscle pain, and even muscle injury.

When you are new to the strength training world, the world in which people become obsessed with gym machines, dumbbells, and barbells, you need a proper way to begin. In this article, we will talk about strength training workouts for beginners.
Gym enthusiasts know the benefits of strength training over cardio workout. Without any doubt, cardio has a lot of benefits but strength training is always ahead of those. Unlike cardio and aesthetics, strength training does not have a limited set of exercises, anything that causes resistance to our body is considered in strength training.

Strength training is important because of a lot of reasons such as it strengthens the bones, increase the endurance of muscles and, consumes a lot of calories and yes, builds muscle. we are going to discuss some
important tips/ points that definitely helps during your strength training routine if you are a beginner.
Your body weight is enough for you to start with. The main aim of strength training is to cause a resistance for your body so that the muscles get to work. This could be achieved by your own body weight. Even when we want to directly jump to the heavy lifting on our starting days, we should start with our own body weight.
Exercises like push ups pull ups and dips could provide good results at the start. Irrespective of what exercise you do at the beginner level, keep in mind to challenge your body, that’s all.

In a week, start with 2-3 days of training

Don’t stress your body too much at your starting days. Start slow, then increase your workout days gradually. You should do for about eighteen to twenty minute of strength training exercises for a week, then add ten minutes . If you’ll rush in the beginning then you could have to face some bad consequences. A light workout will help you achieve your goal slow and safe.
Always warm up before you start your strength training workout

As obvious as this point is, It's very important to warm your body up so that it gets ready for your tough workout. A warm up if done properly increases body endurance and the results. You could do stretching, spot
jogging, few pushups and pull ups. Warm up is often referred to as a pre-workout.
A proper pre-workout avoids the risk of any injuries or cramps that can cause during your workout routine.

Blend upper body and lower body exercises.
An expert lifter divides the week into different parts of the muscles. But if you are a beginner and you only workout a few days a week, it is not possible for you to devote a day to a single muscle group. So, you have
to mix up different muscle groups on the same day. The best way to do this, according to me is to do an upper body exercise alternate to a lower body exercise. Pairing the exercises will help you focus on full body exercises
even in a few days. Some examples of pairing exercises are, do pushups with squats, Lat pulldowns could be done with lunges, bench row with mountain climber etc. These exercises are to be done alternately.

Aim for 3 sets of fifteen repetitions.
While doing your strength training workout, Do 15 reps of each exercise. Also, three sets of each exercise are to be done. According to experts, the perfect reps for any exercise is between 10-15. But as you
are a beginner and you lift light weight so a 15 rep workout is best for you.
The method to blend exercises is, for example, do an upper body exercise fifteen times, then do lower body exercise consecutively. Take a fifteen to thirty-second rest and then the repeat this procedure three times.

Do similar exercises for the first few weeks.

it is always advised to change keep shifting on routines and never to stick on any one workout routine.
But for a beginner, you need to stick to one routine for a few weeks. Results could be seen with the same workouts if done with correct way. For three four weeks, in the beginning, continue to do the same exercises
but increase the lifts (weights) when you get strong. You do not have to complicate your workout with fancy exercises when you know few things about them .with time you will become knowledgeable about different
exercises and more importantly your body, till then stick to basic exercises.

A Post workout always helps.
A post workout means the movements/ exercises you do after your workout. For post workout, you can do stretching exercises and light yoga. This will help you relax will make your muscles cause less pain after the workout. A full body stretch comprises of different exercises and each stretching exercise should last for about twenty to thirty seconds.


Keep your body hydrated.

After your workout and a lot of sweating, you need to keep your bodies water normal. Drink plenty of water after about an hour of your workout, also keep on drinking a few sips during the workout after a few intervals. This avoids muscle cramps during the workout and maintains your energy and breathing levels. Also, keep in mind to not drink too much water before or during your workout routine. Too much water intake can cause you to vomit while your workout.
The above points are to be kept in mind while working out for strength training when you are a beginner. Working out properly will make your body show good and long lasting results.

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