Workouts and body muscles they work on

Different workouts and exercises target different muscle areas of our body. Some people just choose their workout exercises according to the muscle areas they want to work on and some people just cover all the muscle groups by doing a blend of exercises. But its always good to know your exercises and then plan your best gym routineaccordingly. Hence, in this article, we will discuss various workouts and the muscles that get targeted by those workouts. For the sake of ordered exercises, we will sort different muscle areas and different exercises to work upon them. 

We will list a number of workout exercises and will sort them according to the muscle group that these exercises targets. 

Most common workout exercises are :
Push ups---------------------------------------------- chest exercise
cable fly----------------------------------------------- chest exercise
Dips---------------------------------------------------- chest exercise
Machine decline press---------------------------- chest exercise
Incline Bench Press-------------------------------- chest exercise
Decline Bench Press------------------------------- chest exercise
Dumbbell Bench Press----------------------- ----chest exercise
Incline Dumbbell Press--------------------------  chest exercise
Decline Dumbbell Press-------------------------  chest exercise
Dumbbell Fly----------------------------------------  chest exercise
Incline Dumbbell Fly-------------------------------  chest exercise
Smith Machine Bench Press--------------------- chest exercise
Smith Machine Incline Press--------------------- chest exercise
Decline Smith Machine Press -----------------  chest exercise
Dumbbell Pullover---------------------------------  chest exercise
Standing Cable Cross----------------------------- chest exercise
Cable Crossover------------------------------------- chest exercise
Flat Bench Cable Crossover---------------------- chest exercise

Machine chest exercise Press------------------  chest exercise
Machine Fly------------------------------------------- chest exercise
Barbbell deadlift-------------------------------------- back exercise
Bench-over barbell deadlift------------------------ back exercise
Close grip pull down--------------------------------  back exercise
Wide grip pull up------------------------------------- back exercise
Standing Tbar row----------------------------------  back exercise
Wide grip seated cable row------------------------ back exercise
Reverse grip smith machine row----------------  back exercise
Single arm dumbbell row--------------------------  back exercise
Decline bench dumbbell pullover---------------- back exercise
Single arm smith machine row------------------  back exercise
Barbell push press-----------------------------  shoulder exercise
Standing military press-------------------------shoulder exercise
Dumbbell Incline Row-------------------------- shoulder exercise
Seated overhead dumbbell press----------- shoulder exercise
Seated overhead barbell press-------------- shoulder exercise
Upright row---------------------------------------- shoulder exercise
Arnold press-------------------------------------- shoulder exercise
Amchine rear-delt fly---------------------------- shoulder exercise
Dumbell lateral raise--------------------------- shoulder exercise
Front dumbbell raise--------------------------- shoulder exercise
Incline hammer curls------------------------------ bicep exercise
Incline inner biceps curls-----------------------  bicep exercise
standing concentration curls ------------------  bicep exercise
Ez bar curl------------------------------------------ bicep exercise
Wide grip standing barbbell curl-------------- bicep exercise
Zottman curl---------------------------------------- bicep exercise
Barbell curl----------------------------------------- bicep exercise
Dumbbell biceps curl---------------------------- bicep exercise
Hammer curl-------------------------------------- bicep exercise
Overhead cable curl---------------------------- bicep exercise
Skull crusher---------------------------------------tricep exercise
Close grip bench press------------------------- tricep exercise
Weighted Parallel-bar dip----------------------tricep exercise
weighted bench dip----------------------------- tricep exercise
Triceps dip machine----------------------------- tricep exercise
Board press----------------------------------------tricep exercise
seated over head dumbbell extension ----- tricep exercise
Cable overhead extension with rope ------- tricep exercise
Cable kick back exercise---------------------- tricep exercise
Cable push down-------------------------------- tricep exercise
Squats (high and low bar)---------------------- leg exercise
Front squat ----------------------------------------- leg exercise
Olympic lifts (snatch and power clean) - leg exercise
Deadlifts----------------------------------------- leg exercise
Bulgarian split squat---------------------------leg exercise
Hack squat ------------------------------------- leg exercise
Dumbbell lunge-------------------------------- leg exercise
Leg press---------------------------------------- leg exercise
Romanian deadlifts--------------------------- leg exercise
Machine squat----------------------------------leg exercise
standing calf raises----------------------------calf exercise
Seated calf raises ---------------------------- calf exercise
Leg pres calf raises -------------------------- calf exercise
Box jumps -------------------------------------- calf exercise
Dumbbell jump squat ------------------------ calf exercise
 Prone plate switch ---------------------------- abs exercise
360 abs--------------------------------------------- abs exercise
Reverse pushup- ---------------------------------abs exercise
Elevated bird dog-------------------------------- abs exercise
Rocky abs------------------------------------------ abs exercise
Running man-------------------------------------- abs exercise
Archer row----------------------------------------- abs exercise
Single arm wall push--------------------------- abs exercise
Figure 8-------------------------------------------- abs exercise
Stir the pot----------------------------------------- abs exercise
Lateral wall run----------------------------------- abs exercise
Goblet reverse lunge----------------------------abs exercise
Bear crunch--------------------------------------abs exercise
Dumbbell hot potato squat------------------- abs exercise
Inchworm slide---------------------------------- abs exercise
Hip up--------------------------------------------- abs exercise
Swiss wall jackknife--------------------------- abs exercise
Break dancer------------------------------------ abs exercise
Single arm overhead press------------------ abs exercise
rotational slide plank--------------------------- abs exercise
Mogul jump--------------------------------------- abs exercise
Farmer's walk------------------------------------- abs exercise
Skier swing---------------------------------------- abs exercise
Three point core touch------------------------- abs exercise
Kettlebell juggler--------------------------------- abs exercise

As we can see, on the left there are all the common exercises which most of the people know and on the right there are the body parts which these exercises target. 

Now you can easily choose your best exercise routine from these exercises. It is advisable to include 3-4 exercises per body part in your workout.
If you are a beginner then always have proper guidance and maintain proper form at all times. Explore different exercises and keep on changing your routine after every couple of weeks. The reason for this is that our body gets used to of the same type of exercises and stops showing good results. Never be afraid to push your body that at the same time know your limits. Stop exercising as soon as you feel any discomfort while exercises. Its a good thing to be passionate about the gym and maintaining fitness, but this obsession sometimes can give you an injury for life. Maintain your diet and exercise regularly. Leave the rest to your hard work. 

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