Cardio: What does it mean?

Cardio is the abbreviation of cardiovascular, it is one of the most important form of physical activity to get involved in if you want to get fit. As per the research done by many numerous institutions it has been found that minimum of 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise or other form of physical activity is required to be performed every days in a week in order to stay fit. Cardio involves many different types of routines which you can follow in your daily life and keep yourself fit. The cardio in more elaborated form is any activity that can be done to raise your heart beat level and it uses major muscle group like legs, glutes, core and back for the movement and control. The word Cardio in itself defines the reason why it is important for us. By performing cardio we exercise the vital parts of our body, the heart, lungs and our entire body blood circulation.

From the list of the most followed and challenging of the high-impact cardiovascular components, jogging and running attract a large numbers of health conscious people. The high intensity exercises or physical activities involves certain off ground time, meaning that at some point your feet will not be on the ground, such activities include rope jumping, jumping jacks, hands clean push-ups etc. also to mention is zumba, aerobic dance and other new techniques developed by experts for engaging people of different age groups in more interactive and fun manner. These workouts also include advanced weight training which results in endurance building and power build up.

Apart from these workouts which are High-Impact which needs the foot to be off ground at some point of time, there also exists a Low-Impact workout which involves one foot at least to always remain on the ground. These exercises are named Low-Impact but they are not of low intensity. These are weight bearing exercises which are also good cardio routine to follow on daily basis. Since they are weight bearing they maintain good bone density and prove to be good cardio exercises. Common exercises included in this category are walking, hiking or some basic cardio dance.

Also, apart from these High impact and Low impact workouts there also exists a No Impact workout, which basically involves gravity defying workout routines. These workouts includes swimming and cycling as while doing these workouts most of our body weight is handled by either water or by the cycle. These cardio exercises are ideal for those who have some kind of physical ailment which inhibits them from doing many exercises. This type of routine allows them to do workout while not having to worry about the medical problem.

Now the main question is, how to know your Cardiovascular System:

There are some points to note if you want to understand your  Cardiovascular System

Resting Heart Rate

It can be understood that heart plays a very important role in any cardiovascular training. The RHR is the number of times that our heart beats in 60 seconds. This is the number of times the blood is sent on to its journey of the body by the heart. But higher the number does not mean that the efficiency of the heart is increased, in-fact a lower number means that the heart can contract better and pump the blood more efficiently. The average value for an adult individuals RHR is 72 BPM, and that number can be reduced if you do regular cardio workout. After serious training we can really reduce the number of beats.

Blood Pressure

When calculating your blood pressure, you will find two values, which basically are two numeric figures like 120/80. The upper numeric value is called as systolic pressure and is that pressure which is created when the heart contracts / pumps the blood out, on the other hand lower figure is called as the  diastolic pressure which is the pressure which is created when the heart is relaxed. The most ideal blood pressure value is said to be near 120/80.

So, now the question is, How much exercise to do?

For achieving the health goal and get your fitness benefits, you should aim to perform at-least 30 minutes of constant cardiovascular exercise for around five times per week. This might look like a lot, but if you indulge in activities like walking as well as other exercise sessions, this can be easily done. We can start to walk rather than taking car or bike rides, we can go to the nearby grocery shop on foot, we can indulge in other active activities and choose a healthier lifestyle for ourselves.

Precautions to take when doing cardio exercises.
If you have not done any cardio activity in a while then it is highly advised to consult your doctor before you go and start a new regime. There also are some forms of cardiovascular routines that can be unsuitable for certain people, if you are having a medical ailment like arthritis or any other joint problem, then high or low both types of impact activities such as jogging and running are not good for you.
To fully exercise your cardiovascular system you will need to perform about five sessions each week, but you must always indulge in one complete rest day each week to avoid excessive fatigue and  to protect yourself from over-training, and to allow your body to recover and rebuild stronger.

By keeping these points in mind and after understanding how much important cardio is for you, you should have been able to understand the importance of cardio and why you must include it in your life to live a fit and healthy life.

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