Cardio for Men

When it comes to cardio routines for both genders, the routine for men is different than that of women, men require a different type of training than their counter parts.

when you do a cardio that is basically to stay fit and lean and cardio is not of paramount importance if compared to gymming.
But when it comes to deciding which type of cardio to choose for the fat burning process, you have to choose the type of body you are aiming for. If you want very much lean muscles similar to a distance runner, then you need to train like one, adopting that lifestyle and running for large distances. If you want very lean and muscled body physique similar to that of an athlete then you need to adopt that lifestyle, instead of running you need to sprint and eat high protein and carbs diet for those short but high intensity workouts. Hence for different types of routines you need to adapt to that lifestyle.

Here’s something which we can deduce from this, that intensity is crucial and significant. As your intensity rises, more calories get burned in the energy creation process. This is the reason why HIIT or high-intensity interval workouts are a great choice for getting lean but muscled body, all while your health.

There are plenty of examples that can confirm that High Intensity Interval Training is a very effective and significant workout plan when it comes to getting shredded and muscular. This method if followed properly guarantees strength, endurance and power.

In interval weight-training workout, you need to choose an weight exercise that will work every muscle group in your body, then combine it with a quick intensity cardio exercise, and then combine it with a high repetition body weight finisher exercise. You do these three exercises in a row which covers the endurance, strength and power. Then you can go for another set of three new exercises and repeat the same procedure. It is simpleand highly effective.

Intensity is the main focus here, you have to set some routine workout routines for significant cardio exercises.

Some are mentioned below

1. Hill Running

Running uphill is a powerful and effective exercise which causes powerful contractions in your leg muscles as you push yourself and run upwards. This was very much favored by bodybuilders, but now days we can see a number of variations which can provide similar intensity in the leg muscles, exercises like running in the bleachers which requires strength and endurance to continue for longer period and to maintain stamina and strength. Running on hill is sure to give you a really tough workout.

2. Carrying Weight and moving

This is also a very high energy demanding workout which builds up your endurance and strength. This is similar to sand bag running. This requires resistance on shoulders and will prove to be fun and efficient workout for you.

3. Sand bag Running

This is a well known workout that has been associated with intensity workout and endurance building. You must have already got the basic idea behind the setup, you need to carry a sandbag behind your head and run. This is not an easy task and requires a lot of strength and resistance from your side to stop you from tripping in front. This builds up serious strength in your body and helps you get shredded.

4. Farmers Walk

This might be funny to hear but don't let it's name fool you, this is one hell of a workout which gives you significant results. All you have to do is to carry weight in either of your hand and walk, this weight is usually heavy enough that you can not run while holding it and is not heavy enough so that you can't even pick it. You hold weights in either hands and start walking, this makes your heart start beating crazy and after a short distance requires a lot of strength.

These workouts will help you definitely but for them to work for you, you need to follow some simple steps:

Plan your workout

You must know what you have to do, this will help you plan exactly how to do your workout without wasting time.

Be Strategic in time management

Never skip your cardio only because you are not feeling for it, do it either in the beginning or during the rest days. Just don't skip it.

Focus on matter at hand

Focus completely on the workout if you want it's benefit, don't be distracted or else you might not know that you were doing it wrong.

Always do your warm-up properly

Always remember to do warm up before you start your main routine, after resting for a while the joints need to be “awakened” before you start with your main workout because if you don't then you might end up hurting yourself badly.

Avoid Long Steady Cardio

Don't do long cardio routines unless you want to be a runner because that will boost your metabolism but it will take a toll on your muscles.

Do sprint routines

Instead of long steady cardio, do it in small intense sprints. This will give your metabolism a boost and also will help you in getting lean mass.

Mix in body weight

Try mixing in body weight exercises between your runs. This will give you a fun workout and add a strength-building component to your workout.

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