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Stop giving up on your dreams of achieving bulky muscles. No alone exercise is enough to get you bulky muscles. If you dream of having bulky muscles but not able to get it even after you spend hours in the gym, in this case, you need to follow some gym bodybuilding tips that will help you in gaining muscles at a rapid rate.

Now stop believing that protein diets are harmful to your kidney and overall health. As per a research conducted in the United States, it is now proven that no problem arises due to the intake of proteins. Also, there is no link between protein diet and heart diseases.

The following should be part of your diet to get desired results:

1. Carbs
2. Fats
3. Vitamins
4. Minerals

Carbs: To obtain 1 value of carbs, you need to have 4 values of calories. So calculate accordingly as per your body requirements. Everyone requires a different number of carbs according to their metabolic rate, fitness level and goals of fitness.

Fats:  Fats are also an essential part of a healthy diet. One should try to get 20% of total fats through calories. Also, unprocessed fats should be preferred over processed fats. One may consume nuts, olives, and avocados.

Vitamins: Despite of the thinking that only proteins are enough for building bulky muscles.  They are pretty necessary for the well being of the bodybuilder. Vitamin-D is helpful in strengthening bones, protein synthesis, and hormone synthesis. One should never ignore others like B, C, E.

Minerals: Along with the intake of vitamins, fibers and minerals are also mandatory. Fibers and minerals provide the following benefits:

  • Decreasing DLD levels
  • Fighting against cancer
  • Killing Constipation
  • Stabilizing blood sugar levels

According to some healthy bodybuilding tips,  a person willing to build bulky muscles should at least have 6-8 meals in a day constituting of protein, fats, carbs, minerals, and fibers.  These diets should be taken at a fixed time as per the experts. One should follow a strict diet plan to achieve his/her fitness goal. Also, some bodybuilding tips for men and women both are to be followed up very precisely. A person having strong goals should take the diets at the following time:

1. Wake-up meal
2. Breakfast
3. Mid-morning meal
4. Lunch
5. Mid-afternoon break/before workout meal
6. Post workout meal
7. Dinner
8. Bedtime meal

Now let's elaborate this for both vegetarians and nonvegetarians. Also, don't get taken off by the rumors that only nonvegetarian food contains proteins and affects your body growth





Wake-up meal

1.Medium size fruit

2.Protein shake

1.Medium size fruit

2.Protein shake


1.Sprout salad(medium bowl)

2.Greek Yogurt

3.Paneer parantha(3pieces)





Mid-morning meal

1.Small sized fruit

2.Mix vegetable salad

3.Roasted chickpeas

1.Brown rice




1. Medium size vegetable

2. Brown rice(1 medium cup)



2.Brown rice

3.Mixed veggies

Mid-afternoon break/before workout meal

1.Whole grain toast(Spread almond butter)

2.Baked sweet potatoes(1 small bowl)

1. Sweet Potato

2. Protein Powder

Post workout meal

1.Dextrose monohydrate

2. Protein shake

1.Dextrose monohydrate

2. Protein shake



2.White bean salad with cheese dressing

1.Chicken broccoli salad with flax oil dressing

Bedtime meal

1. Half spoon peanut butter

2. Cottage cheese

1. Half spoon peanut butter

2. Cottage cheese

Avoiding any of the above diets is prohibited as per the tips for bodybuilding. The basic reason of failure in bodybuilding is avoidance or ignorance of proper diet plan . As per experts all of the defined meals have some important effect on your body.

Let's get to know some of the beneficial effects of every meal.

1. Wake up meal: Your body is at the highest amount of carbolic state when you wake up after a sleep of 7 to 10 hrs. So your initial motive should be getting out of this state. The best way to get out of this state is consuming a high protein diet.

2. Breakfast: As per multiple types of research, breakfast has emerged as the most crucial meal of the day. Breakfast influences our performance throughout the day both mentally and physically. Also, breakfast should be mandatory as it allows cortisol to slow down.

3. Mid-morning meal: One should always try not to consume all the required calories in a single meal as it prevents your body from burning your those calories efficiently. Thus, the odd time snacks help you in dividing your calories intake and also help you follow some important tips of bodybuilding.

4. Lunch: Lunch is the fourth meal of the day, it helps your body to stand efficiently against the afternoon chores.

5. Mid-afternoon/ before workout meal: A person willing to have a fit body should always have a meal 40-60 min before a workout session. This will enable him/her to boost their performance during the workout session.

Also, a “pump” is required for a rapid and perfect workout session. Now there are ways to create a pump for the session. Some of them are:

  • BCAAs
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Arginine
  • Beta-Alanine

6. Post-Workout meal:  A post-workout meal is also as necessary as it is before a meal as after workout your body needs to recover from the breakdown of tissues during the workout session. A post-workout meal helps in fast recovery of body tissues after the workout session.

7. Dinner: Dinner as a meal has mainly 2 motives:
To get sufficient amino acids
To increase the insulin levels

8.Bedtime meal: Bedtime meal lets you have a healthy and sound sleep which will further help you in a smooth next day workout session.

At the last the only major thing left after a proper diet is some perfect exercises. Along with the above diet plan, you also need to follow some strict tips for bodybuilding in the gym to get desired results.

“ Stay Healthy Stay Happy ”

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