Beginners Workout to start at Home for Healthy Life

You might be the busiest person with tons of work every day. Or you must be tight on money and working hard to meet your ends. However, there are times when you are unable to make it to the gym.

You look for ways to stay fit without hitting the gym. Well, we are here to assist you and build your muscles, just by guiding you through the exercise that you can do to workout at home. These home workouts without equipment will be your best friend and help you in getting the body you have always desired.  

This workout at home will not take your whole day. You’ll be able to build strength, muscle, and size by doing this basic 30 minute workout at home whenever you want. It is advisable to consult your physician for these physical activities before you start the training.

Body Weight Circuit- At Home workouts for Beginners

In this circuit, you’ll have to do exercises without any break in-between. On completion of one set, repeat the exercise. Even after end of the 2nd set, you can carry on going for the 3rd set will be beneficial.

As all the exercises come one after another you are ought to get tired, it’s okay. We all need some point to start.

If you are too tired, it’s better to stop for a while and do it again instead of doing it incorrectly. Even if you are unable to complete three sets without taking a break, it’s great! Now, you’ve got something to work on.

Note: Before you start working out without equipment, it is a good habit to do a warm-up. This is going to pump your heart rate and warm the muscles, or you’ll be inviting injury.

For warm-up, you can perform few pushups, some air punches, run in place and jog up and down the stairs. You can even twist your arms and legs to get them moving. Do these exercises for 5 minutes but don’t get tired.

After you have done warm-up here is the best home workout program that you need to do:

  1. Bodyweight squats- 20
  2. Pushups- 12
  3. Walking lunges- 20 (10 for each leg)
  4. Dumbbell rows- 12 (You can use milk jug or some other weight)
  5. Plank- 30 seconds
  6. Jumping Jacks- 30

After you are done with these exercises, do some stretches. This will stretch back and rebuilt the muscles which have been contracted from lifting.

For bodyweight squats and lunges - If you are not able to do it properly, it’s okay to take some support in-order to keep your balance.

For the bodyweight squats - Consider it like sitting once more in a seat. In-case you can take a seat on a chair, and afterward stand quickly without leaning forward; you are in the balance.

For the lunges - Keep your eyes in front and your abdominal area vertical.

You can use milk jugs for some other weight for the dumbbell. Find something that is sufficiently overwhelming for you when trying to lift 10 times consecutively.

Do these exercise 2-3 times each week, however never on back to back days. Remember, you don't build muscle when you're working out but the time when you're resting.

You can even go for a particular pattern like strength training on one day then 20 minutes of interval training on the next and repeat the procedure. Also, don’t do strength training routine two days in a row of the same muscle group. Your muscles need time to recover.

Following this routine is good but not eating properly is a bad bad thing!

Doing a regular workout and taking a crappy diet will never be benificial . You need a lot of real food like protein, vegetables, fruits and healthy fats. Whenever possible eat natural and leave out junk food, soda, and candies.

You must know that your diet is 80% of your success or failure. If you are unable to make a healthy relationship with food, the exercise will be no use.

Follow this guide and make adjustments in your food:

1.    Cut the sugar - Skip the sugar and liquid calories whenever possible. This stuff is present in everything.

2.    Opt for Vegetables - Instead of grains trade vegetables whenever possible.

3.    Take enough protein on a regular basis - Proteins are essential elements in rebuilding muscles and other stuff.

Help Yourself

Get stronger and challenge yourself in a new way every day. Strength Training makes every part of your life better. These are the home exercises to lose weight, improve physique and build muscles. You can do the workout at home during any time of the day without the need of moving out of the home.

Stick to it, and you do it few times a week, and you will notice that how much better you’ve got at it.

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