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We can choose from many programs available on the internet or from the knowledge of fitness experts. Everybody has their own preference of workout plan and everyone's body suits different plan.But according to me, a best strength training program is that which focuses on almost all the muscle areas---- arms, abs, chest, and legs.

It becomes very difficult for many people to find out which program is best for their body and which program suits them best. Best way to find out, is to keep a change in programs every week and when you find out your best-suited plan, stick to it for a while and then after a few months, skip to another. The main reason behind this is if we stick to a single workout routine than our body gets accustomed to it and the results then get slow.Change is the key to any exercise routine irrespective of your role, may it be weight loss, muscle building or strength training.

According to me the best strength training routine for a week is given below :


On Monday focus on your arms. Do 3-4 exercise of both biceps and triceps each. For biceps you have a couple of options like standing barbell curl, single hand dumbbell curl, incline dumbbell curl, standing hammer. And for triceps you can do exercises like standing dumbbell back curl, seated overhead dumbbell press, overhead rope extension etc. Do one bicep and one triceps alternate exercise with minimal rest and maximum reps till you fail.


Tuesday should be your chest day. We have a lot of options for chest exercise. Chest being on of the big muscles in our body needs a good number sets for gaining strength. The chest exercise options are :

  • incline dumbbell press
  • decline dumbbell press
  • flat bench barbell press
  • Pushups
  • wide pull ups

These are the one of best known and used exercises for training chest. Chest exercises should be done in the reps of 15-20 with as heavy weight as you have to lift, but remember to complete the rep count. Take rest for about 30 seconds in between sets and do 3 sets of each exercise.


Focus on back and shoulder on Wednesday. Most of the people cannot lift heavy while doing shoulder exercises and that's the reason why they skip doing shoulder workout. Back exercises are one the most loved exercises by the fitness enthusiasts. Some back exercises are listed below :

  • Deadlift (barbell)
  • Deadlift ( Bent barbell)
  • Seated Rope pull
  • Rope pull down

And some shoulder exercises are :

  • Seated dumbbell press
  • standing dumbbell press
  • Lateral raise (side)

These exercises should also be done alternately, That is one set of shoulder and then one set of back. 3 sets of each body part should be done and 15 reps of each set are advised.


This is Abs day. Abs muscle is situated at your abdomen, so exercises for this body part slim waist and increases core strength. With doing abs we can add other small muscle areas like forearms.
There are multiple abs exercises like :

  • Plank
  • flat crunches
  • Incline crunches
  • Half crunches
  • Side Plank

And exercises for forearms are :

  • wrist curl with cable
  • Finger curls
  • Farmers walk


On this day, you have to do the most ignored and one of the most difficult exercises, that is, Legs workout. Most of the people don't do Legs exercise because of the fact that after the workout, the after effect muscle build up is very much painful. Also, the afterburn of the workout also cause discomfort to the legs. As legs are the biggest muscle group of our body, they need special attention to enhance strength or to muscle building.
But according to me, legs workout is the most important amongst every body parts as better legs or more powerful legs support or body and improve our everyday lifestyle. You can add calf exercises with this to train your complete legs. 
The most common leg exercises are :

  • Squats
  • Leg press
  • Leg curl
  • leg extensions
  • squats( smith machines)

and some of the calf exercises are :

  • Calf raise (simple)
  • calf raise (donkey)
  • Rope jump


 On Saturday, you have to cover the rest of your body like sides, core exercises, strengthing of the joints doing light yoga could fulfill the purpose.
Mat exercises like leg raise, crunches, pushups could be done on Saturday. Light yoga poses are to be added with the previous exercises.
Also, you can focus on your weak parts to train and strengthen those body parts. Because at the end, the main goal is fitness muscle training.


This is your rest day, you have to give your body complete rest on Sunday. When you are training throughout the week, then resting your body is a necessity. Proper rest prevents muscle cramps and muscle pain which are caused due to muscle buildup are also relieved through rest.

This a full week workout routine. One of the best strength training programs according to me, but as I said this is a generic program which may not suit everybody but trying this won't hurt. Always keep in mind to maintain a proper posture while doing any exercise routine, because a wrong posture can cost you an injury for life and a good posture will give you the body you want. 

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