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Not everyone has time to go to the gym and sweat out everyday. Some may find it very unpleasant to leave bed early in the morning and go out to do exercise. It is not necessary to do exercise by hitting the gym, for you guys out there who want to get fit without going to the gym but have absolutely no idea how, let me share some methods with you to get in shape, using your own weight. These exercises that I will share mainly includes your body and gives you the great result.

When it comes to sweating it out, sometimes the best way is to stick with the basics. Researchers at universities have created a full-body, no-equipment required workout and cardio circuits that aims with keeping in mind the entire body and gives you a heart thumping out workout in less than 20 minutes. These exercises can be modified as per need and gives tremendous results.

Lets discuss the plan and get into action

1. Squats

This is a very well known exercise that anyone can do easily at home. This is an excellent cardio workout for toning and shaping the entire body. This involves glutes, quads, lower back and basically whole torso.

  • Stand straight with hands behind your head and feet open about the length of shoulders with knees a little bend.
  • Now move down whille keeping your back erect and go deep down till your hips are little lower than parallel to ground.
  • Stay in that position for about 3 seconds and then go back to the initial position.
  • Now repeat this process for 10-20 times (depends on your capacity, but minimum 5-6 is advisable)
  • Rest for 30 seconds and repeat 2 or 3 times.

2. Squat thrust

This is an another version of squats which is suitable for you if you are near 40's and not very active.

  • Start by being in standing position.
  • Go down in the squat position and place the hands on the floor and legs straight like a plank position.
  • Now jump and put the feet back so you are touching the ground and nearly squatting.
  • Now stand back up and squeeze your hips while you are getting up.

3. Mountain Climber

This is great cardio routine and specially beneficial for fat loss around stomach and for toning mid torso area.

  • Start while being in a push-up position with one foot closer to the hands.
  • Keep the body straight and hips in line with body.
  • Give yourself a push and using your core move forward by putting one knee close to the opposite chest.
  • Now move the foot back and move other knee close to opposite chest.
  • Repeat this process at constant pace and continue for about 30 to 60 seconds (as your capacity).

4. Plank Squat Hops

This is mixture of plank and squat and you move your body from one position to another. This is great at toning your body and specially fat around stomach.

  • Start with a straight-arm plank, with feet together and straight and core held in tight.
  • Now, bend your knees and swiftly jump legs forward, coming in a deep squat position.
  • Now jump back to the original position and repeat this movement for 20-30 times (as per capacity).

5. Jumping Jack on steps

This variation in the traditional jumping jack increases the stress that the latter provides. This carries the significant benefits of  jumping jacks but by introducing height we can take the fat burning process to the next level.

  • Start by standing in front of a step or platform and jump up onto the platform with both feet.
  • Jump back down to the floor and return to original position, or step down to the floor if you don't want to jump.
  • Continue this process and move along with your workout.
  • Continue alternating a jump on the step and a jumping jack for 30-60 seconds or go by counting the number of reps you have done. (as per capacity).other one, which makes the move less intense.

6. Shallow Squat Jumps

These are similar to the regular squats. But the added features included increase the certain amount of difficulty level. As you might already know, these are good at shaping the glutes, hips, lower back, and overall torso.

  • Start with feet open wide similar to shoulder and the hands behind the head.
  • Now squat as low as you can, taking the torso slightly forward while keeping the back straight.
  • Now jump up as high as you can, still keeping your hands behind your head.
  • Land lightly without affecting knees and repeat for 30-60 seconds or  20-40 reps (as per capacity).

These cardio workout for beginners at home is suitable if you are just starting your workout routine or recovering from some injury and simply want a workout that can easily be done at home. These cardio exercises require little space and no equipment, making it very appropriate to do at your home.

After discussing these workouts with you, the main advice is, that working out is necessary in order to remain fit, but we must also understand that we must be very careful while doing exercises and we must make sure that we should not get injured as out of the numbr of people who get injured while doing exercise many simply gets injured due to wrong way of doing the exercise. We must keep in mind that proper warm up before workout is necessary and knowing the right way to exercise is equally important.

I would say that fitness is not just the routine that you follow or plan you have set, but it is the way of life and we must live our life to the fullest.

Stay fit & stay Healthy

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