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Have you been working out really hard and giving up your 100% to gain some muscles but still not getting the expected results?

Well, bodybuilding is like an art which other than from being done has to be done in an exact way of doing the same. You might find some healthy tips for bodybuilding from every second person you meet at the gym but effective implementation of those tips is mandatory to achieve powerful muscles. The quote 'No Pain No Gain' stands right in this aspect too. In fact, this quote suits the most in this scenario. Here we will share some of the best bodybuilding tips with you which will help you achieve your bodybuilding goals at an efficient rate. These tips can be counted under bodybuilding tips for men and ladies as well. In fact, one can never classify whats the major difference between men and women. Now discuss some of the basic tips which one must follow to keep a proper growth rate at bodybuilding.


1. Working without your shoes:  Lifting up foot barefooted strengthens your feet. The reason behind this is the minimum the distance between you and ground, the greater will be the leverage which helps you to lift heavier weight.

2. Heavier then lighter: One should begin with heavier weight for the first one month and then slowly start doing the same using a lighter weight but with an increased number of repetitions. For ex. If you start with 10kg and do 4-6 reps in one set after one month, start performing the same exercise using 5-7kgs and doing 10-12 reps in a set. This acts as one of the best bodybuilding tips for men.

3. Throwing a medical ball:    A medical ball is a 10-12 pound giant ball which has to be thrown at the ball, in the same manner, we throw the ball in a basketball game. This will help you up to fire up the nervous system.

4. Use gripping tools:  Gripping objects like wrapping a towel around the bar or dumbbell will help you maintain a firm grip over the same which will further enable you performing all exercises in a proper way. 

5. Pull-ups twice a day: Start your day with a set with a voluntary number of reps and end off the day with the same. Continue the same for a month to observe the change in the number of reps. The number of reps you performed will improve for sure.

6. Intake digestive elements: Digestive enzymes are a vital part of your bodybuilding gym tips if you are one of those who intakes loads of extra foods. They help in breaking up those foods into smaller parts which help in consumption of fat easily.

7. Exercise empty stomach:  According to a research conducted on people who worked out early morning vs evening, it was found that the magnitude of effect on them was twice of people who worked out in the morning.

8. Go for more weight: One should try performing all the lifting in the gym with 7/10th of the maximum weight one can perform. This would help the muscles and eventually help you in gaining fast.

9. Stand Your Grounds: Balance and coordination are the most important factors which affect muscles fiber. Therefore one should always try to work out more on the floor so that maximum results can be achieved.

10. Use Hydrogenates: Post workout, proteins have to be hydrogenated to increase their effect on the body. Therefore, you should start using hydrolysates after a workout to increase the effect of protein.

11. Don't train every day:  If you are a beginner then make sure you don't workout every day. Plan your workout in such a manner that you exercise thrice in a week.

12. Give each muscle a training every week:  Each muscle in the body should be given attention at least once in a week. This will help in the efficient growth of the body.

13. Perform every exercise in a correct manner:  Even if you work out for weeks but the way you perform the exercise is not correct, it will never give you a positive effect on your body. So before you start hitting the machine hard, learn the correct way to perform any exercise. 

14. Be Cautious:  In the course of starting with heavy weights after light weights, one should start using safety belts. These will also make them avoid back pain caused due to heavy weight.

15. Intake excess calorie:  Intake excess of calories that you will eventually burn. The number of calories taken should be always greater than the number of calories burned. Also, you can calculate your BMR(Basal Metabolic Rate) using a calorie calculator. The BMR will help you to find out how active you are.

16. Avoid being hungry: While following tips of bodybuilding,  you should never stay hungry and have at least 5 meals in a day each after 3-4 hours.

17. Take Proteins and vitamins together:  While taking a lot of proteins, one should never forget that we also needs vitamins and minerals for its existence. Take lots of vegetables and fresh fruits to make your diet stable.

These were some tips for bodybuilding,  which if taken care of will help you attain the most desired results in bodybuilding.
Now is the time to get off the bed with motivation and then follow these easy bodybuilding tips along with some healthy diet to get the answer to your question why were you not getting 100% results.

Now let's get started and be no longer a beginner in bodybuilding with these tips. 

            Stay healthy Stay Happy”

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